This makes the twist-ending all the more hard-hitting and allows the film to end on a high note, despite the glaring plot holes created by the reveal. Jo didn’t move away but moved on into the afterlife, knowing that Katie is there to take care of her family. It is a poetic moment immersed in romanticism and symbolizes the hope love offers in life. He is a police officer and a detective who works on homicide cases. He is extremely bi polar, abusive, and has anger management problems.


That evening, Katie has a dream that she is standing on the docks watching the fireworks when Jo comes up and tells Katie that “he” is here. Katie wakes up in the convenience store next to a sleeping Lexie when Kevin suddenly appears and confronts her, demanding that she go back with him. Kevin pulls a gun and pours gasoline all over the store, with the intent to burn it down. The film begins with a terrified woman, Erin, barefoot and covered in blood, running to an elderly neighbor’s house for shelter. She arrives at a bus station, now with cut and bleached hair.

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Alex-The owner of the town grocery store who is a single father of two kids because his wife Carly died. He meets Katie and falls in love with her not just because of her eye-catching beauty but because of how she interacts and behaves toward his children. Alex also risks his life to save Katie when her abusive, drunk husband comes to town to take Katie with him. The ending implies that Jo is the ghost of Carly looking over her family and Katie. In retrospect, we realize that the hints of Jo being a mystical entity are present all along. In the moments between Alex retrieving the letters and giving Katie the letter, we see Katie bid farewell to Jo, who is moving away.

Both characters are essentially looking for a fresh start. However, they are unsure if they can truly ever be happy again, until they meet each other. Despite falling in love and committing to each other, they are not yet ready to start a life together. We see that Alex still grieves his wife, and Katie still lives in fear.

A flashback reveals that on the night is jo in safe haven a ghost ran away, she stabbed Kevin with a knife when he attacked her in a drunken rage. Enraged, he breaks into Katie’s former neighbor’s home in Boston and gets the phone number to the restaurant where Katie works. Arriving in time for the town’s Fourth of July parade, a severely intoxicated Kevin sees Katie kissing Alex, which enrages him.

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Josh Duhamel as Alex Wheatley, Katie’s new boyfriend and a widower who struggles to raise his two kids after the death of his wife. Katie soon begins a relationship with Alex, and becomes a mother figure to Josh and Lexie. Meanwhile, Kevin Tierney, a Boston police detective, prepares wanted posters for “Erin”, a woman accused of first-degree murder. Alex sees the poster in the police station and notices the picture bears a striking resemblance to Katie. He confronts her, causing a huge fight which ends in their breakup and her moving out.

” A quick haircut and bleach job later, she’s fleeing Boston – and the abusive husband she just stabbed – on a bus headed south. It explains that Alex must be in love to have given her the letter and she hopes that she feels the same, wishing that she could be there with them. Enclosed with the letter is a photo of Alex’s late wife. Katie realizes that her neighbor “Jo” was the ghost of Carly watching over them. As Katie is about to leave town, Alex intercepts her, saying he has fallen in love with her, begging her not to leave and promising to keep her safe. Katie reluctantly returns his love, and decides to stay in Southport .

Katie gets a job at a local diner as a waitress and rents a small cabin by the woods. His latest panty-dropper starts bloody, as though Sparks accidentally stapled a spec script for SVU to his newest scribbles when he sent them off to his agent. Erin , her heaving chest smeared in gore, runs barefoot through the streets wailing, “What have I done?

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After the fire, Alex recovers several letters written by his late wife Carly before she died. They were prepared ahead of time for memorable events such as Josh’s eighteenth birthday and Lexie’s wedding day. Meanwhile, Kevin Tierney , a Boston police officer, searches for Katie and, using his authority as a police officer, sends out reports saying that she is a wanted murderer.

Kevin is furious with his wife for leaving and drank more to dull his pain. Kevin arrives in Southport, while Katie is caring for Alex’s children. Kevin sets the house on fire, thinking it would kill both Katie and Alex.

Before we talk about that shocking reveal, let’s look at how the ending impacts Katie and Alex. When we first meet Katie, she runs from her husband and seeks a place she can live without the fear of her husband finding her, sort of a “Safe Haven,” if you will. Alex is trying to run the general store and his family all by himself after losing his wife.

He stops several buses so he can go in and search them, and at one point goes straight to the back, for a woman who looks just like Katie…but it’s not her, and Katie successfully rides away. Josh is Alex’s son who clearly remembers his mom Carly and misses her very much. He is a kindhearted, adventurous kid who loves to fish and hang out with his dad. Josh tends to be a little quieter than his little sister Kristen, but he’s close with his dad and gradually grows close to Katie. Kevin- Katie’s husband who is a police detective for Boston. After Katie leaves him because of his abusive ways ,Kevin feels he cannot live without her and no one else should have her if he doesn’t.

thought on “The Letter From Safe Haven”

In flashbacks, Katie realizes that all those times she walked through the woods with her new weird friend, she was actually alone and rambling to herself. When the smoke settles, Alex recollects letters stored in a safe in the now burned-down store. He explains to Katie that his wife wrote down the letters before passing away for the big moments in her children’s lives. He hands Katie a letter addressed “To Her.” Upon reading the letter, Katie learns the letter is meant for the next woman Alex will love after his wife, which is Katie.

This is eliminated in the movie, where she flees from him impulsively following yet another argument and immediately heads to Southport. An affirming and suspenseful story about a young woman’s struggle to find love again after she arrives in a small North Carolina town. She does not remember Carly very well, only the concept of her. She is very energetic and likes to play with dolls and draw pictures for her friends. She likes Katie from the moment she meets her and quickly becomes attached to her. Kristen needs a mother figure in her life and enjoys spending time with Katie.

January 26, 2023 e-EDITION – Cranston Herald

January 26, 2023 e-EDITION.

Posted: Tue, 24 Jan 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source] immediately accepts Katie, while Josh is initially resistant, believing Katie to be his late mother’s replacement, but eventually accepts her as well. Stabbed her husband in self-defense because he’s an abusive drunk. Police Are Useless In the book, Erin/Katie mentions having called the police at least once, only for them to talk her out of filing a complaint. Also in the movie, when she barely evades him at the bus station. In the book, he himself spends several weeks trying to track her down, giving up after she manages to elude him again, only finding her via an unfortunate coincidence.

Is Haven a true story?

Alex, busy shooting off fireworks, sees the burning store and quickly makes his way across the lake by boat. He stands on the dock, pleading with Lexie to jump into his arms. Meanwhile, Katie is wrestling with a soaked Kevin who is attempting to shoot her. Alex immediately takes a liking to Katie, doing small helpful things, such as leaving an old bicycle at her house. They go on a ‘family’ trip to the beach, and Alex asks her to go canoeing with him, after which, they fell in love with each other.


It’s also not very good, although this may not matter to its core audience. Start in Wilmington’s historic river district and stroll by the Wilmington Convention Center and Carolina Apartments on Market Street, both Safe Haven film locations. You may recognize other sites while exploring, since more than 400 movies and television projects have been filmed here. As they reach Katie’s house, Kevin attacks Alex with a crowbar. “Nicholas Sparks movie ‘Safe Haven’ starts shooting in Wilmington”.

  • ” A quick haircut and bleach job later, she’s fleeing Boston – and the abusive husband she just stabbed – on a bus headed south.
  • Initially, Katie wants to flee but then she decides to stay in Southport and she and Alex help prepare the town for the upcoming Fourth of July celebration.
  • Arriving just on time for the Fourth of July parade, Kevin begins his search for Katie through the crowd, belligerent and determined to confront her.

While she is walking around in the store, Kevin makes his appearance and confronts her, drunk and sobbing and asking her to talk. He asks her to come back to Boston with him, but she refuses and tells him to leave. He pulls out a revolver while Katie asks Lexie to stay up in the second floor of the store, scared that she might see Kevin and become frightened. Meanwhile, Kevin is pouring gasoline all over the store, with the intention of burning it down with Katie inside. He sits down on the steps with a lighter, deep in thought, and Katie fakes sympathy for him and agrees to return home with him, only to push him into the water by surprise. However, a firework spark lands on the gasoline, igniting a fire that spreads all over the store.

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