We are the leading supplier of confectioneries and other fast consumer products.

We supply Confectionery products such as Nutella chocolate spread, etc at highly competitive prices

we sell different varieties of foods and confectionery products.

 Nutella 15gr, 15gr x 120pcs/carton

Nutella 25gr, 25gr x 64pcs/carton

Nutella 200gr, 200g x 15pcs/carton

Nutella 350gr, 15 pcs x 350g/case

Nutella 400gr, 15 pcs x 400g/case

Nutella 450g, 15 pcs x 450g/case

Nutella 600gr, 6 x 600gr/case

Nutella 650gr, 6 x 650gr/carton

Nutella 750gr, 6 x 750gr/carton

Nutella 800gr, 6 x 800gr/carton

Nutella 1000gr, 1kg jar x 6pcs/Carton


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